Soul Music

Comfort music to heal your soul

At the center of a new musical epoch, The Frailers are on a quest to define a musical genre and gift it to a region of the country that they've lived in most all of their life. Be a part of the journey to return some local soul to a place gentreifed by modern times.
Who are The Frailers?
Originating in Northwest Florida, The Frailers are a roots based acoustic duo with a solid background in the music of the Southeastern United States. Whether it’s a delightful evening of dinner music or a rowdy evening of honky-tonking, The Frailers are versatile and aim to please whatever audience they might happen upon. Marvin Lee, the guitar player and vocalist, has been a life long musician who attended college on scholarship for jazz bass. Born in Somerset, Kentucky a certain amount of bluegrass music was immediately imprinted on his genes. Growing up in the deep south, all the amazing sounds of the music from this region steeped his playing style which is now a cross between old time, blues and soul. Bri, his wife, plays the bongo cajon and has been a resident of Northwest Florida since the 1960’s. Together, they play a wide variety of cover music and create original music based on what they’ve experienced in this cozy part of Florida. The name “The Frailers” comes from a technique used in old time music called claw hammer. Frailing is actually the part of claw hammer where the backs of the fingernails are used in the down strokes as a percussive accent. This style is applied to all of The Frailers music and is familial and fun.