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  1. Marvin Lee
    Marvin Lee
    Ovation Guitar and Vocals Playing a variety of covers and originals all in the unique style of Frailing, a derivative of the old time banjo style known as "Clawhammer"
  2. Bri
    Bongo Cajon Keeper of the beat, judge of goodness and favored sharer
  3. One
    A ten track CD of original Florida Frailer music written and performed by Marvin Lee. Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify
Frailer Video
  1. Sara Smile
    Cover of a Hall & Oates song. Shot in Panama City Beach, Fl at Grace Note.
  2. Let's Get Together
    Original music written for Maggie Mckinney of Lucky Mud. Performed in Panama City Beach, Fl at Grace Note.
  3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Frailerized version of the classic tune from Wizard of Oz.
  4. Long May Your Love Live On
    This is a quick video of an original song just as it was written. Hopefully, it will be included on the upcoming album. Stay tuned for more details!
  5. Poor Boy
    Traditional delta blues played at Seville Quarter in Pensacola on May 2016.
  6. Soul on the Water
    Original Frailer tune played live on 30a Songwriters Radio in January 2016.
  7. A Frailer Christmas
    Our very special holiday gift from our family to yours!
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